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FAST shipping from Illinois!
FAST shipping from Illinois!

Ganz USA


  • Ganz USA

    Heart Tea Infuser


    Tea Infuser - HeartStainless Steel/Zinc11/2" Dia.Silver61/2" L. Avg. Infuser: 11/2" Dia.

  • Ganz USA

    Teapot Tea Infuser


    Charming Tea Infuser - Sunflower TeapotStainless Steel/Zinc61/2" L. avg.SilverInfuser: 11/2" Dia.

  • Ganz USA

    Pet Memorial Markers


    Pet Memorial Markers with caring sentiments.  10" W. x 4" D. x 13/4" H. made of cement. 

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    Ganz USA

    Pet Memorial Heart Stones

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    Current Price $19.00

    Pet Memorial Heart Stones  51/2" W. x 1/2" D. x 55/8" H. made of cement

  • Ganz USA

    Cardinal Figurine


    When a cardinal appears in your yard it is a visitor from Heaven Cardinal Figurine.  2" W. x 31/2" L. x 23/4" H. made of poly-resin

  • Ganz USA

    Memorial Angel Figurine


    When a Cardinal appears in your yard, it is a visitor from Heaven.  3" D. x 41/2" L. x 103/4" H. made of poly-resin.

  • Ganz USA

    Plants Magnets


    Assorted magnets perfect for any plant lover. Dimensions: 3 1/2" W. x 1/2" D. x 5 3/4" H.

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