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Our Story


We live the WORK, LIVE, PLAY lifestyle.

Located on the historic downtown Macomb Square, Nostalgia Decor + Gifts has been a source for unique and thoughtful gifts in our charming town of Macomb since 1984.  I have to admit, I never had plans to own my own shop.  However, one evening in 2013, while walking around the square with our daughter Anna, she noticed a sign on the door announcing that Nostalgia was closing because the owner was retiring. 

Anna looked at me and said, “Mom! You could do this!”  That was the little nudge I needed.  That summer,  I left an 8-5 office job and began my 24/7 dream job.  

Along with this career change and my children going off to college, we decided we also wanted to make a lifestyle change. My husband Jon and I sold our house and opted to renovate the “scary” (according to the kids) storage space on the second floor, which was the beginning of my new outlook on life: work, live, play. 

We immediately closed the store for three months. This was our chance to update and bring back the building’s original beauty.  We, and by “we”, I mean my friends, family, and even the kids, began by pulling up layers of linoleum, commercial carpet and thousands of nails that had hid gorgeous hardwood floors.  Next, we peeled plaster off the walls to reveal original brick walls, and finally pulled down the ceilings to expose aged wood rafters.  After heaps of renovations, Nostalgia Decor + Gifts has a whole new look and vibe and is forever changing.

Since then, we’ve had fun curating items that people expect to find in “the big city” but are delighted to find in our little town. We put a ton of time into creating inspirational displays so that when visitors walk through our doors, they can pick up and check out whether something is going to be amazing in their homes; they also can taste samples of our bread mixes or pick up a zodiac pencil set to read why as a Capricorn they’re bossy. 

We love that by living above our store, we are able to help revitalize historical small-town living; almost anything we need for both convenience and entertainment is just down the stairs and nearby.

Nostalgia Décor + Gifts features gifts and decor for all occasions with various products including home and tabletop decor, linens, teas and coffees, women’s jewelry and other accessories, bath and body products, and clothing and gifts for babies. While browsing at Nostalgia, we want folks to relax and enjoy themselves. We hope they will leave with both a great shopping and customer service experience that they won’t get at other stores.

Recently, since I love what I’m doing so much, I’m opening an e-commerce site to bring our small-town experience to the online world!